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Motomitsu Yamanaka

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Motomitsu Yamanaka is member of Tsurugashima city assembly (Komei Party)

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"The Communication News" of Motomitsu Yamanaka
(Tsurugashima city, Saitama)Member of city assembly(Komei Party)
philosophy, humanism, community, peace, culture, education, activity report, local activity, street oratory, track record, policy, assembly report and special edition.


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Komei Party
Komei is an organization committed to the promotion of peace, culture and education

The city of Tsurugashima is located almost in the center of Saitama Prefecture. It is said that the first human inhabitation in Tsurugashima happened over 10,000 years ago. From the many remnants of the past, one can get a sense of what life was like in those days. With the construction of the Kamakura Kaido Road during the Kamakura Period and the Nikko Kaido Road during the Edo Period, Tsurugashima prospered, becoming a village in 1889, developing into a town in 1966 and becoming a city in 1991. The city conducts various programs today - from traditional events that have been passed down through the generations, to sports and recreational activities - with the goal of promoting health and friendly ties among city residents.

Saitama Prefecture is located in the middle of the Kanto Plains,with the abundant nature of Musashino and the Kanto-mountains lying to the southwest. There are fertile land and forests,through which rivers flow,and different flowers bloom throughout the year. You can also see the traditional culture traced far back to ancient times,and feel the atmosphere of old Musashino through the beautiful nature still remaining even in the urban area. Tsurugashima city Saitama Komei Motomitsu Yamanaka

Motomitsu Yamanaka
Tsurugashima city Saitama Komei Motomitsu Yamanaka