Ryohei's Exhibition 2005

Last year, I had made the following cabinet and stool for myself. The floor cabinet was designed at Capellagarden, Swedish craft school, founded by Carl Malmsten. I wanted to learn the difference between Japanese and Swedish cabinet making. The "Ogi-cabinet" is inspired by the floor cabinet. It also has traditional Japanese taste.

Wall cabinet

The pin and tail end is 2mm longer than boad thickness.
It is not easy to make this joint.


I had made this stool to write an articles for Japanese
woodworking magazine. I like white finish with WATOCO
white oil.

Shelf of our dinning room

Though I use bad cherry and birch, I like all wood.

Floor cabinet
nootka cypress, original design: Capellagarden,Sweden

I made this one to practice. I could learn much things from
making this cabinet.
drawer construction

nootka cypress

I think that this one has Japanese and Swedish taste.

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