My wife and I went to Sweden from Sep.10 to Sep.23. Our tour outline was as follows.

Sep.10 Osaka - Helsinki - Stockholm
Sep.11 Stockholm - Kalmar, stay at Capellagarden for 3 days.
Sep.12 Exhibition at Alvesta station
Sep.13 Oland Island sight seeing
Sep.14 Kalmar - Stockholm, Carl Malmstens School
Sep.15 Museums in Stockholm
Sep.16 My wife came back to Japan
Sep.17 Furniture company, toolshop, woodworking friends etc. in Stockholm
Sep.18 To Amol, meet Miss Y.
Sep.19 Steneby school, mashroom pickup
Sep.20 To Gorsenborg, Museum and school
Sep.21 Alingsas
Sep.22 To Stockholm
Sep.23 To Japan

There are some pictures of this tour in the following page.
Sweden woodworking tour


From Capellagarden

On April 26, twenty Swedish woodworkers came to my house in south area of Kyoto. They came from Capellagarden, the famous Swedish craft school. Though my house was very small for 20 people, they could sit in one room of my house. And we discussed about woodworking. 

In the bamboo forest 

After the meeting in my house, we went to my friends house in my hometown. This house is for studying herb cooking. We had a lunch with Swedish style. They looked happy, because they were tired to have Japanese foods. And they slept under nice sun light. 

At my friends herb house 

Then we went to Horyuji temple, the oldest wooden building in the world, and went to Nara town in the evening. 

From Canada

  My friend woodworker Edward came to my home again. He went to Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya. He is a skillful at scroll saw. He gave me a lecture of scroll saw on May 10. 

Edward's lecture  

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