Ryohei's Exhibition 2006

Please enjoy  my work that I made in 2005.

Small drawer box
tamo, black walnut

I made them for my customer.
It has a secret drawer.
Rest chair (proto type)
tamo, paper code

I tried to make rest chair, but I think
that it has little heavy taste for me.
KATANA(proto type)
birch, tape

I made this chair at Capellagarden, the craft
school in Sweden.
It can be foleded.
The frame part is looked like
Japanese saw, KATANA.
Jewel box
tamo, cherry etc.

It has a hidden drawer.

Stacking Chair(proto type)

Though I wanted to make simple stacking
chair, I think that this chair is a little
Arm chair (proto type)
hard maple

I had to make this chair in two days for
an exhibition. But this chair was not selected
to the competition.

I feel that the improvement is necessary for
the seat side a little more.