Japanese traditional finishing materials for wood


Though Japan lacquer, Urushi, is well known, there are few another finishing materials in Japan. Kaki-sibu is one of them, and I like it. Kaki-sibu is fermented persimmon juice. It is also called persimmon tannin.
Kaki-sibu has a unusual smell when it is wet, but it has no smell when it dry. Kaiki-sibu make wood surface strong and water proof by reaction of tannin and oxygen. Kaki-sibu make a red-brown color on wood surface.
Kaki-sibu is very safe materials. It is used to make Japanese sake, and it is also used as drinkable pharmaceutical for adult disease.

WAXA: Japan wax(bleached)
B:Japan wax(unbleached)
C:Bees wax
D:Carnauba wax
E:Ibota wax

Japan wax

Japan wax is also called wood wax. It was used to make candle long ago. Now it is very expensive. And it is almost difficult to purchase pure Japan wax.
Un bleached Japan wax has green color, and it is called green wax. bleached Japan wax is called white wax. Japan wax is relatively soft, and it has low melting point.

Oil Finish

In Japan, Oil finish is not general finish. And it is difficult to get Linseed oil or Tung oil etc. I sell some natural oil (raw linseed oil, raw tung oil, and raw perilla oil).
I think that it is easier for American woodworkers to get many kind of oil finish materials than Japan.