Ryohei's Exhibition 1999

Desk for my daughter

When my son and daughter graduated from junior high school, I made desk for them. Though they wanted the desk with animation picture in younger age, they want real wooden desk now.

The top is made out of alder, and I use oak for legs. The structure of leg and epron is complex. I use small ebony wedge for accent.

Top: oil/wax
Leg: boiled linseed oil

Pen Case
Japanese maple, ebony

The grain of wood around this box is continuing. Finished with tung oil or bees wax.

Pen Stand
spruce, black walnut

Though I usually use hand tools, but I make this stand with machine as possible as I can.

Finished with oil or wax.

Attache case

The side is made out of brown colored oak. The front and back panel are made out of Japanese light weight wood, Kiri.

The half of handle can be stored in the case with ebony circle stick. You can open this box with turning round key like shell.

Finished with oil containing brown pigment and original blend wax.

Picture Frame
black walnut

The picture shows three sheeps in Oland island Sweden.

Hanging Shelf
Japanese maple, ebony

Can you image the rainbow?

River Fish Drawer
black cherry,maplel, alder, oak, Japanese cherry

I made this one from scrap wood in my workroom. And I don't want to use many wood like standard cabinet. So I use this structure.

You can pull the drawer completely out of frame with ebony rail. The nob is shaped like small fish. I hope that you image small fishes in the river.

Finished with wax and boiled linseed oil.

Iron Frame Chair

My friend, the owner of Ironworks, and I made this iron frame at his factory.

This is trial production. Though the strength of back frame in not enough for sitting, I can replace it with harder iron product.

Coat Hanger

I designed this piece for hanging coat. But my wife hangs many washed cloth in my house.

The three curved stick is made from two elm wood stick. And I made the circle with glued sixteen small part.

What do you image from this hanger?

Dinning Chair
oak, paper code

I wanted to make simple and strong chair. This chair does not have characteristic design. But it is strong enough to use, and nice support to waist.

Wax finished.

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