Ryohei's Exhibition 2003


Garden Bench with tea-table
Japanese Ash(Tamo)

 A famous garden designer ordered me to make the bench for rest in the center garden of customer's new house. I like to make slim style bench, but he like heavy duty style.

Round Table(prototype)
Alder, Blackwalnut

 I made round apron by using some layer of octagon with 8 wooden pieces. It is not easy to make.

Hard Maple, White Oak, Nylon cord 

 I was inspired by Swedish furniture designer "AKE AXELSSON", and I try to arrange his chair.

Low cabinet
Birch etc. 

 I like to read the German book named "Solid Wood Cabinet Construction". I made this piece with tha same construction method.. Can you image the sea wave and small ship?

Small box with drawers
Teak, Ash
This teak is very hard, and my chisel was seriously damaged when I hit it to teak wood.

Arm Chair
Japanese Ash(Tamo)

This chair is formed by Carl Malmsten. I believe that my woodworking style is just like his style. I made this chair for skill and design exercise using small picture and figure in the book.

My computer desk
Alder, Birch,Plywood

I use this desk everyday. The cabinet on the right side has two drawer and big A4-document cabinet.

2X4 Stool

I made this one for about one hour. There are only two kind of parts.

Scrap wood stool
Hard Maple, Ash etc.

I made this stool out of scrap wood from the dust box in the work shop.

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